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A Symphony of Nature and Science


At a place where the sun meets the ocean. One scientist, Dr.Paul Lee, made a breakthrough discovery: the natural healing powers of the oyster shell. Inspired by the resilient properties of the oyster shell, that can weather storms and the acts of mother nature, Dr. Paul Lee, had a vision. It sparked his twenty year journey that would change the way we heal our body, forever. Thousands of experiments later, Dr. Lee unlocked the antioxidant benefits of the oyster shell and perfected his revolutionary SAC Formulation Technology. Once he uncovered the hope that SAC Formulation Technology could bring to the world, Dr.Lee decided to share his discovery.


Marah Natural’s revolutionary SAC Formulation Technology is sourced from the sustainably harvest oyster shells found off the coast of Northern BC. This groundbreaking technology is formulated in Canada, using only the finest shells nourished by BC's fresh and pristine glacier waters.


A powerful symphony of science and nature harmonized into one. SAC Formulation Technology is the first safe calcium ion delivery system, which naturally increases bone density by awakening the body’s own bone formation process. Detoxifying the body from harmful substances and pathogens, the highly concentration of energy in SAC formulation technology stimulates the immune system and helps maintain an efficient delivery of oxygen in the body. Revitalizing and renewing hope for a better future.


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