Marah Point Rewards Program

Marah Point Rewards Program


More ways to get rewarded

As a Marah Natural member, you’ll earn points per dollar amount you spend on Marah Natural Official online store.


Getting started is easy

Earn Marah Points and get rewarded in a few easy steps.
Create an account or log in with your choice of Gmail, Facebook, Amazon, or LinkedIn and start earning Marah Points today!



Once you are all set to get rewarded, let’s look at what are some ways to earn Marah Points

  • ⦁ Just by logging in you will earn 200 Marah Points.
  • ⦁ Follow us on Instagram and get 50 Marah Points.
  • ⦁ Like us on Facebook and get 50 Marah Points.
  • ⦁ Share our Facebook page on Facebook and get 100 Marah Points.
  • ⦁ Let us know your birthday, you will earn extra 1000 Marah Points.
  • ⦁ Add your favorite Marah Natural products to you cart and you will earn 1 Marah Points for every $1 you spent.



    Joining Marah Natural Rewards program means unlocking access to exclusive benefits such as free shipping coupon and discount coupons. And yes, special promotions too. 

    With Marah Points you will earn:

    Q: How to become a Marah Member?
    A: Click on the Rewards Button on the bottom left corner to start your journey with Marah Natural.
    Q: How do I check how much point I have earned?
    A: By clicking on the Rewards Button and once you are logged in you will see your points.
    Q: What are the ways to earn?
    A: There are many ways to earn the points.
    Q: What are the ways to redeem?
    A: With the points you earned, you can use it to get the discount coupons and free shipping.
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