The Relationship Between Stress and Health

The Relationship Between Stress and Health

Has today’s modern-day hustle left you feeling overstimulated and stressed? 

We all experience moments or prolonged periods of stress, so I’m sure we can all relate. 

Whether it’s that grey hair that’s peeped up or that wrinkle that’s made an appearance — visually, stress shows. 

But what about the shift that happens within? Stress ignites an inner balance shift and can thieve us from essential minerals such as calcium from our bones. 

As we experience feelings of stress, our body’s natural fight or flight response kicks in, and we release “cortisol” — a stress hormone. Think of this as your body’s natural built-in alarm system that gives us signals concerning mood, motivation, and fear. When our system detects cortisol it creates inner havoc and can shut down vital bodily functions. Health issues that can arise in response to this and are all symptoms of ‘too much stress’ include:

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One of the many wonders of the human body is its purpose to create a healthy balance within. So during chaotic times, we search for peace and in response, our bodies release calcium from our teeth and bones to harmonize these hormones and retreat back to a neutral ph. Our bodies know the score, always. 

Every time we go through this process, our calcium levels drop. Yet, our bodies can’t create their own source of calcium so it’s up to us to replenish our bones and teeth with this vital life source to avoid a deficiency. We can naturally restore calcium through a calcium-rich diet however today’s eating habits often don’t cover the recommended daily amount of 2,500 mg a day for adults aged 19 to 50.

That’s why combining a nutritional Calcium supplement with Vitamin D for absorption can be the perfect combo to reduce stress levels and lead a healthier, more balanced life.

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