The Effects of Calcium on Premenstrual Syndrome

The Effects of Calcium on Premenstrual Syndrome

Are you someone who suffers from mood swings, agonizing cramps, and extreme fatigue whenever it comes to your time of the month? You're not alone. Women worldwide are faced with what is known as Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), a major health problem in childbearing women. Irrespective of age, women can experience PMS at any point, which brings a series of symptoms. To better understand the reasoning behind PMS and why so many women suffer from this condition, we have reviewed abundant research and discovered an explanation for these feelings. Read on to discover more.


Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is an ordinary health condition women face worldwide. PMS can create an irritable time for those suffering from it, from physical symptoms to mood influences. Women usually experience the effects of PMS around 7-14 days before their menstrual period, also known as the luteal phase, and it can cause both mental and physical stress.


PMS has different elements, and symptoms will differ from person to person. If you suffer from PMS, you can experience physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms. Common signs to look out for include:


Research into the causes of PMS suggests that hormonal agents and a lack of micronutrients can lead to women experiencing PMS. To be more specific, Calcium and Vitamin D deficiency are two essential minerals that can play an influencing factor in PMS occurring. But, what is the link between Calcium and PMS? Let's take a closer look into the effects of Calcium on Premenstrual Syndrome.


Throughout a woman's menstrual cycle, serum calcium levels increase and decrease depending on what stage of her cycle. Studies have found that serum calcium levels are lower during the luteal phase than during the follicular phase. Also, for some women, during the premenstrual period, serum calcium levels are also lower than usual.

To dive deeper into this concept, research shows that women with lower levels of Calcium and Vitamin D during the luteal phase of their menstrual cycle experience intensified symptoms of PMS and often go through depression, hallucinations and feel extremely restless.

So, how does calcium help alleviate symptoms of PMS?

Calcium acts as a star mineral in regulating moods, physiological imbalances, and soothing symptoms of depression. It does this by producing serotonin and tryptophan metabolism within the body. For this reason, it's used globally as an alternative pain relief method for women suffering from PMS. In fact, research has proven a 48% reduction in psychiatric symptoms in women who have a daily intake of 600mg of calcium. That's almost half of the participants!


Over the years, there has been an abundance of research into therapeutic treatments for PMS that are easily accessible, acceptable, and have minimal side effects. What did researchers discover? That 80% of women that suffer from symptoms of PMS prefer to find holistic therapies for pain management including:

A popular favorite has been the combination of vitamin D and Calcium supplementation as an effective treatment for the relief of PMS symptoms. They are inexpensive, have minimal side effects, and are both acceptable and accessible — it's no wonder that they are a natural favorite! Science backs this with studies proving that women who have a diet rich in both calcium and vitamin D are in fact, at a lower risk of developing PMS. And we won't argue with science…


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