SAC-SG: Winner of  Product of the Year in Health & Wellness Category

SAC-SG: Winner of Product of the Year in Health & Wellness Category

Marah Natural is pleased to announce that SAC-SG is the winner of the esteemed Product of the Year award in the Health & Wellness category. This achievement underscores Marah Natural’s enduring commitment to pioneering innovation and sustainable practices in the realm of health and wellness. Chosen through a comprehensive national survey with 4,000 Canadian shoppers overseen by Kantar, SAC-SG has garnered the distinguished red seal, symbolizing its unparalleled ingenuity and impact in health & wellness.

"We express our sincere appreciation to the Canadian consumers for bestowing Marah Natural’s SAC-SG with the esteemed 2024 Product of the Year award in the Health & Wellness category,”  
“This recognition serves as a testament to our enduring commitment to providing outstanding products, emphasizing the promotion of overall well-being, bone health, preventative care, and immune support”
Alex Lee
Product Manager at Marah Natural
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2024 Product of the Year award:

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“In the consumer landscape of 2024, the significance of Product of the Year has reached new heights. Today's consumers enjoy unprecedented access to products. The marketplace has become dynamic and multifaceted with retailers leveraging strategic partnerships, harnessing the increasing influence of retail media to amplify their products' reach and impact. Over the past year, retail has seen significant changes, with the rise of immersive shopping experiences, and a shift towards sustainability and ethical consumption. The Iconic Product of the Year Seal not only recognizes innovation but also signifies a powerful endorsement in the modern retail era, enhancing the winners' visibility and credibility in the marketplace.”
Mike Nolan
Global CEO of Product of the Year Management

About SAC-SG

SAC-SG (Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium Stealth Glucose) is a groundbreaking innovation poised to transform the landscape of cellular health and well-being. Designed to disrupt the glucose-driven growth of malignant mutated cells without any adverse effects, SAC-SG represents a pioneering leap in the fight against chronic illnesses, including cancer.


Crafted as an elevated form of self-care, SAC-SG from Marah Natural is more than just a scientific breakthrough—it's a transformative journey. This cutting-edge formula redefines the boundaries of well-being, empowering individuals to take charge of their health in an entirely new way.


The innovative SAC-SG formula boasts unparalleled capabilities that set it apart:

  • Selectively targets mutated cell while safeguarding healthy cells from oxidative stress.

  • SAC-SG stealthily infiltrates mutated cells through glucose uptake, initiating the production of free radicals within these cells in an oxygen-deprived environment.

  • Enhances cellular metabolism and facilitates rapid recovery.

  • Inhibits the glucose uptake of malignant cells, thereby impeding mutated growth.

  • Aids in the development and maintenance of bones, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

About Product of the Year

Product of the Year, originating over 35 years ago in France, now spans across 40 countries, dedicated to guiding consumers to top-quality products and rewarding innovation. In Canada, the seal is backed by thousands of consumer votes, offering a trusted shortcut for shoppers. Winning products benefit from increased awareness, trial, and quality perception, serving as a potent marketing tool. Entries showcasing innovation in design, function, packaging, or ingredients launched within the previous year are eligible. A jury of industry experts selects finalists meeting the award's standards, followed by consumer voting via an online survey conducted by Kantar on behalf of Ensemble IQ. Winning products earn the internationally renowned red seal and the Product of the Year Canada title, valid for two years. Visit for more details.

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