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Men's Health

Do you have enough energy to take care of your daily life and heavy work? Can you maintain an optimistic and positive attitude when dealing with your business? Do you have enough time to rest and sleep? If you can do it all, I believe you must be living a healthy life. June is Men's Health Month which focuses on raising awareness of preventable health problems and encouraging men to detect and treat diseases early.

According to the World Health Organization, Men's life expectancy is less than women's life. In terms of genetics, women's sex chromosomes are the same size and are called X chromosomes. However, the two sex chromosomes of men are different in size. The larger one is called the X chromosome, and the smaller one is called the Y chromosome. The Y chromosome is smaller and contains fewer genes that can counterbalance potential pathogenic genes. Also, men secrete high testosterone. Testosterone can increase blood pressure and the burden on the heart and blood vessels, which may lead to cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, men are generally less likely to be proactive in seeking healthcare, resulting in poorer health outcomes.

Therefore, World Health Organization listed five things men can do for good health. Do regular health checks regularly, eat a healthy diet, smokeless, drink less, and exercise more, then your health will be the happiness of the family.


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