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Marah Natural

Who owns Marah Natural?

What is SAC technology?

Where are Marah Natural products manufactured?

Where are Marah Natural products sourced from?

Are the products natural, organic and non-GMO?


Is Marah Natural safe?

Do you have any clinical trials?

Does more Calcium in supplements lead to more Calcium absorption?

I’m Confused, why are your products labeled as “Selenium Supplement” and not “Calcium Supplement”?

Why are your products labeled Vitamin D and not Calcium Supplement?

How does 3.5 mg of Calcium help us?

Could you provide information for proper dosage intake?

Should products be taken before or after meals? When is the best time to take Marah Naturals products?

How should the products be stored? Is refrigeration necessary? How does the temperature affect the product?

What does the product’s expiration date mean?

Why is the product mixed with water? Could the amount of water be less for those who cannot drink as much water?

Once mixed with water, how long does the supplement maintain its potency? Should it be taken right away or stretched into a longer period of time?

What are the types of mineral that is in the product other than SAC.

SAC and minerals have been optimally combined and produced according to the disorder. What is the difference in production formula for each product?

Calcium’s absorption rate is said to be 99%, “how” is the absorption rate possible to be 99%?

Why does Marah Natural product only have 3.6mg of Calcium and how does this help?

When the product is combined with water it becomes alkali ionized water, but how does it become ionized? How long does the alkali ionized water remain ionized?

Your product has a registered NHP number as a Selenium Supplement, why is that?

Why are your products so expensive?


Where can I buy Marah Natural products?

How do I order a gift for someone?

Will I be charged sales tax?


How do I update my information?

Can I place orders without registering?


Is it safe to order online?


When will my order be shipped and delivered?

Which shipping carriers do you use?

What is the best shipping method?

What are the countries you ship to?

Shipping Restrictions

Failed Deliveries & Returned Packages

Returns and Exchanges

What is your return policy?

What if my order is damaged or faulty?

What is eligible for a return?


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