Sigma Anti-bonding Calcium Carbonate

SAC in a Nutshell

SAC (Sigma Antibonding Calcium Carbonate) is the only true ionic calcium delivery system that provides calcium in free ionic state, which is the only physiologically active form of calcium in our body. Normally, calcium from diet and supplements enters our body in the protein-bound form and therefore, cannot trigger the same physiological responses as SAC. Resolving calcium deficiency better than protein-bound calcium, SAC triggers ionic-calcium-sensitive physiological responses that counteract the root cause of diseases and brings natural healing reactions of our body from cellular to the systemic level.

The Invention of New Calcium Carbonate

Sigma Anti-bonding Calcium Carbonate (SAC-CaCO3)

SAC is the world’s first calcium-ion-delivery-system, which safely and effectively elevates the level of calcium-ion concentration in our blood. By utilizing a very weak chemical bonding, namely sigma anti-bonding, to calcium carbonate molecules, Calcium & Bone Health Institute of Canada (CBHI) invented new calcium carbonate, which maintains loosely held calcium ion to its carbonate group. The anti-bonding makes the molecules exhibit electrical charge and attract water molecules via hydrogen bonding. Making sigma anti-bonding stable at room temperature was, in itself, a technological breakthrough after ten years of R&D.

Because of the weak chemical bonding of SAC, calcium ion is easily detached and passively absorbed into our system through stomach lining as ions via diffusion and osmotic pressure, not requiring digestion, vitamin D, nor peptides for absorption. This is called passive transport.

Because of our body’s natural sensitivity to fluctuations of serum plasma ionic calcium level, a minimal elevation of ionic calcium concentration achieved by SAC can trigger hormonal responses, such as the release of TSH and calcitonin to trigger bone-building osteoblasts. SAC utilizes ionic calcium as a signaling agent to trigger our body’s self-healing responses to reverse calcification from cellular to systemic level, causing domino effects of healing processes to rebuild our health. SAC’s healing pathway is genuinely unique.

"SAC is the world's first safe calcium-ion delivery system administered directly into our body in oral form.
SAC triggers
healing mechanisms no other calcium supplementation can achieve"


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