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Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium

Formulation Technology

Innovative Canadian Biotechnology

Stabilizes Calcium Homeostasis in our Body.

Maximizes Calcium Absorption Rate.

Passive Transport Technology Applied

Balances PH Level


Rapid Improvement and Prevents Loss of Bone Mineral Density


CALCIUM Activator



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Calcium activator

About 50% of calcium in our blood is inactive. SAC calcium ionizes inactive calcium in our blood to be active.

Calcium Regulator

SAC calcium helps maintain proper calcium level in the body by triggering thyroid hormone and parathyroid hormone.

calcium navigator

SAC helps calcium to reach the ultimate destination- the bone. Otherwise, calcium will be lost and accumulated on other parts of the body.

Sigma Anti-bonding Calcium

Most Advanced Bio Technology

SAC calcium is a New Advanced calcium.

From the clinical trials we learned that SAC calcium increases bone mineral density in our body and it activates bone stem cell. We measured bone mineral density of approximately 2,400 people. After the subjects took SAC calcium for 3-6 months, the result was positive. The bone mineral density of participants were significantly increased by up to 80% without any side effects.

SAC calcium helps protein bound calcium to be ionized. Calcium exists in the serum in three forms-40% of protien-bound calcium, 10% of inorganic calcium, and 50% of ionized calcium. Ionized calcium is the only physiologically active form and can be absorbed into our bones.

SAC calcium significantly restores the bone metabolism in a short period of time. As we become old, bone resorption process is more active than formation process and it results in increase of bone mass which leads to osteoporosis. SAC calcium facilitates the bone formation process.


SAC calcium maximizes calcium absorption rate by 200 times higher than the regular calcium. SAC calcium is formed with anti-bonding and can be absorbed in our body without any help from biochemical energy.

SAC calcium supports stimulating bone metabolism that are related to hormones . Calcium ions signals the pituitary gland to secrete pituitary hormones which triggers the release of thyroid hormone and parathyroid hormone. Both TH and PTH stimulate uptake of calcium ion into the bones. SAC calcium also triggers hormones to maintain bone metabolic balance.

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